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Unmarked V3 Show Bag

Unmarked V3 Show Bag

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The most essential Snow Foam products are handpicked for you. Keep it in the car and have the car care essentials readily available for any occasion.

This show bag will allow you to get to know Snow Foam's extended range.

  • Snow Foam x Unmarked Showbag
    - Snow Foam Berry Thick Detergent (100mL)
    - Snow Foam Interior Cleaner (100mL)
    - Snow Foam Blue Lemonade Air Freshener (100mL)
    - Snow Foam Ceramic Detailer (100mL)
    - Snow Foam Clear Window Cleaner (100mL)
    - Snow Foam Decal
  • Unmarked Vol II Air Freshener (worth $7.95)
  • Unmarked Decal (worth $4.95)
  • 1 x Entry To Raffle Prizes
  • More Exciting Vendor Merchandise To Be Added
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